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Premier Lot (Les circonstances données)

‘’The first batch plays are about determining given circumstances since many of the scenes take place on very specific (historically accurate) dates & times at specific locations (cities and or rooms etc.). The point being that student performers must first determine “where and when” their assigned play takes place before being allowed to ignore it and do whatever they want stylistically (some even change the order of the scenes which is fine if they can say why etc. etc) For the directors and designers, the first batch is about creating sets that will allow for smooth and rapid transitions since the plays move around a lot.’‘

- harry standjofski

Deuxième Lot (Shakespeare)

‘’These 2nd batch plays are shakespeare-inspired pieces. I ask student performers to determine which decade (for example 1960′s) is the play to be set in. They have to find a country/city wherein the situation of the play makes sense and, of course, this influences research for the designers (set & costume especially).’‘

- harry standjofski

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