The Comedies

The Tempest (ca. 1611)The Tempest (ca. 1611)

The Two Gentlemen of Verona (ca. 1590–4)The Two Gentlemen of Verona (ca. 1590–4)

The Merry Wives of Windsor (ca. 1596–7)The Merry Wives of Windsor (ca. 1596–7)

Measure for Measure (ca. 1603–4)Measure for Measure (ca. 1603–4)

The Comedy of Errors (ca. 1594)The Comedy of Errors (ca. 1594)

Much Adoo About Nothing (ca. 1598)Much Adoo About Nothing (ca. 1598)

Loves Labour Lost (ca. 1594–5)Loves Labour Lost (ca. 1594–5)

Midsommer Nights Dreame (ca. 1595–6)Midsommer Nights Dreame (ca. 1595–6)

The Merchant of Venice (ca. 1596–7)The Merchant of Venice (ca. 1596–7)

As You Like It (ca. 1599–1600)As You Like It (ca. 1599–1600)

The Taming of the Shrew (ca. 1590–4)The Taming of the Shrew (ca. 1590–4)

All is Well That Ends Well (ca. 1602–5)All is Well That Ends Well (ca. 1602–5)

Twelfe Night or What You Will (ca. 1601–2)Twelfe Night or What You Will (ca. 1601–2)

The Winters Tale (ca. 1609–11)The Winters Tale (ca. 1609–11)

Metatheatrical Key

Plays in plays

  • Inset-play
  • Scene-extempore
  • Maske or Maskers
  • Gulling
  • Dream or Vision


  • Conscious
  • Un-conscious

Lexical references

  • Theatre
  • Art or Imitation