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Graphic Data

This page provides links to the raw (TLN) DATA of each play-graph. according to the FOLIO’s three play categories of COMEDIES, HISTORIES, & TRAGEDIES.

Each individual playlink (for ex. The Tempest) gives access to the data extracted from the FOLIO and also provides NOTES on chronology, structure and the purported nature of the FOLIO’s underlying copy of said play . These notes are based on a variety of sources but two in particular should be mentionned: G. Blakemore Evans’ & J.M.M. Tobins’ RIVERSIDE SHAKESPEARE (2nd ed. 1997), and Stanley Wells’ & Gary Taylor’s WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: A TEXTUAL COMPANION (Oxford, 1987; reprinted by Norton, 1997).

The Comedies

The Histories

The Tragedies

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