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A Window On Shakespeares Dramaturgy

This site was dedicated to our graphic analysis of Shakespeare’s FIRST FOLIO of 1623; its purpose was to envision in as simple and compelling a manner as possible the technical performative structure (or formal outline) of each FOLIO play. Each play-graph represented a virtual “cue to cue” of its respective play by displaying the ENTRANCES and EXITS of characters in their order of appearance along the TLN (“Through Line Numbering”) lineation system developed by Charlton Hinman for his NORTON FACSIMILE OF THE FIRST FOLIO OF SHAKESPEARE (1968; 2nd ed. 1996).


This connects the reader to all the TLN numerical data upon which the graphs are based.


This connects the reader to our first attempts at analyzing said data.
The completed thesis itself may be viewed online via UQÀM’s Archipel archive

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